Balloon Wedding couple delivery success!

Gotten a last minute order yesterday, and I was able to complete it despite my tight schedule! 

Reason I showed this to you guys is because it’s really creative and beautiful to add in the “Mr” and “Mrs” to the wedding couple balloons (which was provided by my client) 

Awesomely done! it also inspires me to merge balloon and other forms of materials and medium. And actually on hand I’m doing a very interesting project merging furniture and balloons! it’s still in the prototype phase, but I can see a lot of potential in this project! will show more once I’ve more completed product to show!

Insane balloon horse I did for turf city singapore

Does this horse look awesome? I hope it does because it took me almost 9 hours to weave it out balloons by balloons!

Took around almost 300 balloons and lots of hard work. I practically have hand aches after this event! but I’m trying very hard to shift and push myself to create more insane balloon sculptures. As I really wish to stand out from the rest! 

So that’s the horse on the table!

And here’s the back side of the horse! it’s a balloon artist pleasure to see the weaving connected perfectly without any different sizes of balloons in between! 

Finally, the awesome angle from the front! I’m really extremely glad that everything turned out right. as it’s my first few time using full weaving technique to create an entire sculpture. 

And I’m very sure I’ll be using this technique very often in the future! 

Thanks for reading and hope you have a great day ahead! ๐Ÿ˜€

Balloon Backdrop decorations for Shatec & Junying Primary School

Here’s the overview of the helium decoration for the venue! 

Thank you for having me to set up your balloon decorations for your important graduation. I’m really honoured to be doing for you guys.

So I was engaged to do a balloon backdrop, helium balloons and balloon alphabets for the backdrop.

So for this event, I got a new backdrop equipment which is extremely hard to set up! I took almost 2.5 hours for a 3.5m wide backdrop. 

Here’s the finished balloon backdrop! I think it’s a pretty impressive balloon decoration for any occasion! and with this pixel technique I’m able to create almost any design! I can create wordings, logos and many more! 

But this time I was asked to create a rainbow backdrop. and I thought vertical or horizontal arrangements are very usual. so I did a diagonal arrangement for this balloon backdrop and I think the outcome is really pretty. 

And this was the final design after adding on the alphabets! the only colour that I think will contrast with rainbow is gold and black. hence the colour choice for the balloon alphabets.  

And the client is very happy with the decorations! (Which I’m glad) and hopefully we will have more chances to work together! 

Alright! goodbye guys! check out my instagram and instagram stories for more daily updates!
Thanks for reading!

Geoffery Giraffe balloon arch for Toys’R’us grand opening @ Vivocity Singapore!

I was hired by Toys’R’us to do up a entrance arch for their grand opening at Vivocity! congratulations Toys’R’us!

But sadly this is how the arch looks like now (after 6 days) the arms and legs are destroyed and all the alphabets are missing! I wonder who loves my balloons so much. Haha!

Here’s a close up of the alphabets! this was alp tough balloon decoration to do as all the alphabets are sculpted scale to the real logo! 

And this is just the head! it looks really cute up close. 

Alright, that’s the end of this post! there will be more upcoming at Sunplaza Shopping mall! as I’ll be there from 21st – 23rs doing a major set up for christmas! update more on my FB page and instagram page! 

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