Huge balloon monkey for Chingay Singapore!

Hello guys! Welcome welcome, so the first picture you see is a head of the balloon monkey, remember this scale right now! (it’s around 5/7 of my whole height)
So later you’re able to imagine the total height of the monkey!

balloon monkey Chingay at Sembawang singapore

So I’ve completed the entire monkey sculpture, but look at the crowds!

Chingay at Sembawang singapore

I think there’s like 1000+ people at the venue. Wow.

Huge balloon monkey balloon sculpture

Tadah! Here’s my monkey, it’s pretty impressive for it’s height. Is it a boy or a girl monkey? I’m not sure as well, didn’t really decide a gender to it when I was creating it. haha!

balloon monkey Chingay at Sembawang singapore

So here’s in it “scary monkey form” Ready for halloween as well!


Here’s halfway of the huge balloon monkey balloon sculpture! Boy this got to be one of the most intense balloon decorations I’ve did in a long time! ouji-climbing-up-a-very-tall-ladder-to-fix-the-monkey.jpg.jpeg

I mean, look at the size of it! I still have to climb a 4m tall ladder to fix and secure the entire monkey. haha!

But nonetheless, it was extreme fun and satisfying, it’s been a great balloon decoration challenge and I’m happy that all the Sembawang residence loved it! Including the PA organisers! Thanks for trusting this project to me!

Monkey balloon sculpture says bye!