Balloon decorations for bebe magazine!

Hello strangers! Welcome to my blog once again. Today I want to talk about a decoration that I did for bebe!
So they are a local magazine company that they were having a cute baby event! So I was there to set up some balloon decorations!


So we did the logo out of balloons! Thankfully it’s pretty easy to do. haha!


So there’s also animal themed balloon tied all over the restaurant.


This is a customised baby themed low balloon backdrop. That’s mean for parents and their child to stand behind it and take photo with it.


Close up with my balloon sculptures!


Cute balloon babies! Maybe I should give them clothes new time. haha!


And this is what you’ll see when you reach the venue. The white arch and a logo at the top of the arch, there’s no way you can miss this event venue.

Zhongyu doing balloons

There’s also balloon sculpting by one of my main balloon artists, Zhongyu! 😀

Bebe_Magazine Artsyballoon sponsor ship
Thank you for featuring me on your magazine and as your sponsors! Thanks for having me!

Alright guys! That’s all for today! I shall share more soon! Bye!