Where to hire balloon sculpting in Singapore?

Hello! Ouji here, balloon artist and founder of Artsyballoons.


If you’re reading this I assume that you wish to know more about balloon sculpting, but this is the real question.

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But it’s actually very simple. there are ton of balloon artists in Singapore, prices ranging from $20 per hour all the way to $250 per hour. And the prices indicates what service and quality you’re going to get for your party or event.

What about my rates? Artsyballoon main artists are professionally trained and have at least 3 years of balloon sculpting experience.

So they won’t be,

1) Unprofessional

If it’s a new balloon artist that has only a few balloon sculpting gigs on their portfolio, they’re going to be panicking when children are doing things that they didn’t expect! But Artsyballoon artists are professional and can handle any situation professionally.

2) Things that are too difficult.

Of course there will still be things that are too difficult for us to do within the time frame and the amount of kids that we have to handle. But we will always do our best for our clients

3) Absent

Yes that’s right. The artist that you booked 2 months ago and paid a deposit for didn’t turn up, and guess what, he or she doesn’t have a registered company. The website is missing and everything you hoped for is gone. Your children are inpatient and constantly asking, “where is the balloon making uncle?” That’s when you realise hiring someone that cost $50 – $80 per hour might cost you a bad birthday party

Artsyballoon sculpting for parties is only $180/nett for the first hour, and $120/nett for each subsequent hours

That’s not that expensive.

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Consider the value and quality you’ll be having at your party. Look at our balloon sculptures.

And here’s a video of me getting a interview about balloon sculpting.

Interview with Ouji from Artsyballoons

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And here’s some pictures of us doing balloon sculpting.

To learn more about Artsyballoon sculpting services, click here!

So in order to confirm a balloon sculpting service, I would need a few information from you. And if you can, please fill up the form below and I’ll get back to you shortly. 🙂

Here’s the balloon sculpting catalog for Artsyballoons

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Artsyballoons 2016 Catalog Page 2I SHALL SEE YOU AT YOUR NEXT PARTY!
Ouji with balloon dragon head