LEGO x Balloon

Mix Media Art

Speaking of mix media art, this is our first ever attempt to do one. It’s a remake of the LEGO-man, into a balloon sculpture, as requested by Lego company Singapore. 6 hours in the making by 2 balloon artists, this balloon Lego man stands 2,5 metres tall.

lego balloon man.jpg

The 3 styles of rainbow arch + a very special rainbow arch I did for a shipping mall


Previously I written a post about rainbow balloon arches, and today I want explain and show styles of rainbow arches that I’ve created before!


This is the stack balloon rainbow style of arch. This style of arch shows simplicity but it packs a punch with the bright colours!


And this is the spiral balloon arch. Classic design and it has a very nice flow with the colours, spirally beautifully. This takes slightly more effort, as the formula for this arch is complicated. But as we’re experienced, we make it look easy. 😉


And this is the half rainbow arch. This is best for having a variation and playing around with the colours. And for that blue part you see on the arch, can be changed to other colours to suit the theme of the party or event. 🙂

So that’s the 3 kinds of rainbow arch that I personally created over the years.

But there’s this particular arch that we challenge ourselves to create.

Advancec 6 balloon spiral rainbow arch

Usually for a arch, it’s 4 balloon clusters stacked up. But for this arch it’s stacked with 6 balloons.

4 balloon cluster

Alright guys, hope you have a better understanding of rainbow balloon arches. Of course there’s many more styles and techniques to talk about more. But I shall share more next time in the future, meanwhile enjoy your stay here and happy twisting! 😀