Simple safari themed balloon arch – Balloon decoration done for Thatballoons


Simple and clean design for a safari themed arch, thank you Thatballoons for giving me a chance to create this balloon arch! 


My signature balloon lion! Which is made up of mainly round balloons, 2 yellow for the head and body, smaller rounds for the mane and lastly 2 small yellow balloons for the hands! Simple and cute!


This is an enlarge elephant of what I usually do for my birthday parties! Haha!


And comes my second favourite animal, that giraffe! This one takes a lot of drawing, especially the spots! Phew!


Alright, it’s time to end the post with the giraffe looking at you! Have a great week ahead! 😀

Event Management Service by Artsyballoons

Well, Artsyballoons do not just do balloon services. We actually collaborated with many of the other food vendors and logistic companies. Therefore we are able to actually plan and execute a full fledge event management service for your company event or birthday parties!

All events need a venue. If you do not have one, you will need to build one! We have professional stage and tentage set-up partners to settle that for you!

tentage set up Singapore

Of course you will also need some awesome balloon decorations by yours truthfully! Balloon decorations are fun, colourful, and it brings out the celebration mood of an event.


Next you will need a good emcee as well as fun activities. We work with some of the best Emcees and talents in Singapore to bring up the best hype of an event! For talents, we have professional singers, magicians, drummers, dancers and even jugglers.

In this link, you will also see our fun filled bouncy castles for rent, it’s all family carnival’s favorite!

magician in Singapore

professional Emcee Singapore

Perhaps you will also be looking at some party munchies. We have a wide range of food stalls for rent, suitable for all kinds of events; from kids birthday parties, to carnivals and event company private functions.

Our Food Stall Rentals:

Not forgetting the Audio & Visual equipments, our working partner:


Feel free to look around our website to find the services you need. See you at your next event!