Superman balloon decoration for a 1st year birthday party!

Balloon Superman

I’m Superman, and I’m here to celebrate a Sanjay’s first year birthday party.

Superman balloon columns

Haha, Ouji here, just a few days ago I did a Superman themed balloon decorations for a child’s first year birthday party. And it was a successful one! And this client of mine is a really cool one, I just draw a simple proposal and he just agreed to it because he trusts my works.

Superman balloon columns (2)

So this the main balloon column, the Superman balloon column! And thanks for Kaden’s help, I was able to finish this pair of balloon columns in just 10 minutes! Of course I already premade the Superman and the number 1 at home. As I need to check for the micro tear in the balloons. As sometimes when we twist the balloons, there will be a small tear on the balloon, so if we’re to do the balloons on the spot and we leave after we’re done, there might be a chance that the balloon might be fully deflated when I’m gone. So I always make sure there’s no micro tear so I have a peace of mind.

balloon columns with number 1

Number 1 balloon column, this is to show that it’s a first birthday, so it’s a trademark Artsyballoon design to have the birthday person on one columns, and the age on the other column.

Balloon number 1

Here’s the close up of the number 1, this is made using square weave, which is a advance balloon technique. For beginners, their would either get confused doing it, so the proportions will not be accurate. For us it’s not easy as well, as our aim to do it so precise and clear that once your guest sees the balloon, their know what it is at one glance.