Safari theme party! With animal balloon arch, backdrop and many more!

Hello everyone! Recently I’ve did a party at Equinox. And it is a beautiful venue! Standing at 69 stories high, it was a amazing dining venue!

Also, there’s a birthday party! It’s a first year party for a little boy. 😄

And I was hired there to do balloon sculpting and balloon decorations, and here’s some pictures! 😄


So this is the balloon backdrop where they can take photos and also to admire my art. 😄


And this is the arch, that’s inspired by a balloon artist named Lily Tan!


And here’s the frontal view of the balloon arch. It’s a tree on the left side, and giraffe on the right. With monkeys climbing all over the place. 😄


Also, there’s animal printed helium balloons filling the ceiling. It really suits the entire theme doesn’t it? 😄


Also there’s helium walking pets! Ain’t it super cute! 😄


And during the party, after everyone finished eating, there’s a magic show for the children and the guests!

And if you can see really well, there’s a boy at the back holding a balloon sculpture of mine. Can’t see? Here’s the picture. 😄


This is the boy holding a Captain America shield balloon sculpture. 😄

And after my 1 hour of balloon sculpting, I headed off to my second event. Which I will update once I’ve time to do so.

Alright guys. That’s all for now. I shall be heading to sleep soon. Goodnights!

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