Amara wedding show @ Amara hotel singapore

Happiness balloon backdrop with wedding balloon couple
Amara wedding show @ Amara hotel singapore

Hello everybody! Love is in the air, and Amara hotel has organised a wedding show for all the couples that are getting married soon! And Artsyballoons is honored to be selected as one of their vendor to promote balloon art for wedding.

Jomain and Jocelyn with wedding couple Wedding show

So we were there to do balloons for the couple and also created wedding packages to cater to different couples with different needs. Providing balloon decorations, balloon sculpting, roving magicians and many other services. And at the end of the day all the namecards are given out and we have no choice to just leave a note on the table!

After we ran out of namecards
After we ran out of namecards

hope that we can spread the art of balloons and also hoping that advance balloon decorations can be a choice for wedding decorations, as I feel that this is the only way we can improve our decoration ideas for wedding. As we still have very little portfolio for weddings compared to birthday parties.

Alright, I shall be going now. I am doing up a Artsyballoons 2015 catalog and I’m also planning a referral system for all my past clients. Will update more when I’m free. Goodbye! πŸ˜€



Why should you hire a professional balloon decorator?

Is it worth your time?
We are professionals and we know what we’re doing


The reason is simply, we have experience and you can leave everything to us.

“Professionalism means consistency of quality.” -Frank Tyger

Event decorations is important. As it shows the theme of the event. So a wedding should look like a wedding, not like a carnival or a birthday party should not look like a funeral. The colours, decorative pieces, symbols, variety and style of the decoration is very important. As it could make the most unpleasant place look the most exquisite. And the awesome thing about balloons is that it’s so versatile that it can be used for any event! And with us professional balloon decorators, it will be extremely cost effective and more customization for our clients. That means more value for money.

1. Professional full timers VS beginner part timers

Artsyballoons is a professional full time balloon decoration and talent management company managed by Ouji. We have our in-house magicians, face painters, balloon sculptors, jugglers, emcees and game hosting professionals. Compared to a part time event planner, we definitely can provide trust and excellent customer service for our clients. And lastly, we’re a registered company. What’s to worry? πŸ˜‰

2. Event decorations and entertainment.

Ranging from birthday parties all the way to wedding, we have portfolios and real event experience, so we have no problem providing solutions to your event. Decorations? With Ouji and his professional team of balloon artists, He’s able to create anything out of your imagination. We’ll also draft out proposals so to make sure you know what you’re paying for. Entertainment is not an issue as well, with Artsyballoon’s professional entertainers, we’re sure to add a lot of value and memories for your event.

3. Deposits? No, we work on mutual trust.

Since you’ve chosen Artsyballoons as your event planner and gladly trust us and leaving everything for us to handle, We should return the favour as well! So deposit is not required at all. As we believe building trust with our clients will build a healthy and long tern relationship.

4. We are the best in what we do.

Event planning, event decorations, entertainment and carnival foods, we’re the best in what we do. And we also suit to our clients needs and requirements. Knowing that your success is our priority.


Trust the professionals, no matter how big or small the event is. We’ll try to find a solution for you.

Contact Ouji @ 9677 9426

Or email at

We look forward to seeing your at your birthday party, wedding or private event!

Artsyballoons & Jocelynballoons – Chinese New Year balloon decorations and balloon sculpting

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Jocelyn balloon sculpture
Me with Mrs Lee

Hello everyone! How’s your Chinese new year been? Mine had been a tiring yet enriching experience, and for the third time that we’ve been to Mr Pm Lee’s house for Chinese new year celebration. It has been such a honour for choosing Jocelynballoons us their balloon decorator and balloon sculptors for 3 consecutive years. Thanks for having us!

And the day before we spent the entire day preparing 200+ over balloons for the event, and it was super tiring asΒ  we slept less than 3 hours. But thankfully we managed to finished everything! These are the things that we’ve prepared! Bees, minions, hello kitty, sheep, fish, chicken, duck and Elsa bracelets. πŸ˜€

And the pictures below are the balloons that we’ve prepared. πŸ˜€

bags of balloon sculptures
A whole lot of bracelets ready to be given away!


chicken balloon sculpture
One of the most popular sculpture, the chicken!
duck balloon sculpture
Cute little duckling! πŸ˜€
nemo balloon sculpture
Finding Nemo balloon sculpture!


So after 3 hours of pumping the balloons and assembling them altogether, I finally managed to complete the balloon backdrop! Yay! And there’s photos down below. πŸ™‚


adjusting balloon decor
Ouji and I fixing the balloons.
dog balloon sculpture
Close up of the balloon dog.
guanliang adjusting balloons
Ouji fixing the balloons.
jocelyn balloons gig
Me fixing the sunflower
jocelyn guanliang with sheep balloon backdrop
Ouji and I after finishing the backdrop.
jocelynballoons and sheep balloon
Me fixing the sheep.
Mary had a little lamb balloon sculpture
My balloon Mary!
sheep balloon backdrop
The completed balloon backdrop.
sheep balloon sculpture
Fixing the sheep’s eyes
spraying balloon shine
Coating the balloons with balloon shine to make it beautiful!



After we’re done with the backdrop, we proceed on to do the balloon sculpting and balloon giveaway! There were lots and lots of happy children! Taking photos at the backdrop, eating popcorn and candy floss and so many other activities going on. πŸ˜€


CNY balloon sculpting
Ouji and I doing balloons
jocelyn and party parlour Alethea
Popcorn and candy floss machine by Party Parlour!
Ouji balloon artist in pink vest
Ouji from Artsyballoons

And after another 2 hours of balloon sculpting for the children. We’re done with our day and it’s also our time to go visiting! Miss my grandmother and my other relatives as I haven’t seen them for a quite a while.

Alright, that’s all for today. See you! πŸ˜€

What if all the animals are round? Like a balloon!

I came across this hilarious video on Youtube! It’s a must watch!


If the animals are all truly round, it would be so easy to recreate them using balloons. It’ll just be a round balloon for their body and some small sculpted parts for their features. but of course, that will never be possible.

Still, these videos are really well animated and it really gave me a good laugh. I hope it gave a good laugh to you too! πŸ˜€

How to train your dragon themed balloon decoration for a birthday party!

How to train your dragon the movie

I love the movie “How to train your dragon”! Because it’s so funny and exciting at the same time. And toothless is a really cute dragon! So when my client decided to get a toothless themed backdrop, I was so excited to create it.

And I wish to do something more amazing this time, instead of standing in front of the backdrop (like almost everybody does) I want the kids to interact with the backdrop. So I make it possible for the kid to SIT ON TOOTHLESS AND TAKE A PHOTO! How amazing isn’t it?

Toothless from How to train your dragon balloon sculpture

Toothless lying down

So as you can see this is the dragon, and the dragon is lying on the floor as in the movie. And there’s a blue colour stool that children can sit on and take photos with. πŸ˜€

Ouji sitting on toothless

Toothless tongue

I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of the kids sitting on toothless. So I can only use me as an example. πŸ˜€

I took around 1.5 hours to finish toothless and it’s also the first time I’ve done this. So I have to play by ear with the design and structure. But it was starting to get easier as I slowly progress from the head, body, tail and lastly the wings.

Toothless balloon sculptureAnd also black colour in all brands of balloons are pretty fragile as well, so when I was doing Toothless, any balloons that’s black in colour was constantly bursting. So when I’m pretty stressed and frustrated. But ultimately managed to complete the dragon.

JYEKAI balloon alphabets

And the top of the dragon, that’s the name of the birthday boy! And actually I’ve been celebrating his birthday 3 times in a row already. It’s pretty amazing watching all my client’s children growing healthy. And so the backdrop was pretty dull, lost of solid colours, that’s the reason why I used rainbow colours to spice up the colours!

And finally here’s the outcome of the entire backdrop after adding the main character, hiccups!

How to train your dragon themed balloon backdropHere’s the whole backdrop! The green as the grass, blue as the sky, the name as the rainbow. And the kids can sit on Toothless and take a photo beside Hiccup! And it’s my first interactive backdrop I’ve created and I will continue to create more of these interactive backdrops.

And also as a update, I’ve also create the world’s first revolving balloon columns. It’s still in it’s testing stages, but I think it’s going to be a bit hit!

Revolving Balloon Columns