Underwater themed balloon decoration for a newlywed!

Hi guys!

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged and I’m here to update again!

Entrance to the underwater theme balloon decoration(1)

Recently I’ve done a balloon decoration at a beautiful restaurant at Sentosa, it’s at RWS Ocean Restaurant! And I’m the good thing is that I don’t have to pay a single cent to enter the restaurant and enjoy the scenery.

Balloon clownfish

This is the first balloon decoration that Ive done that incorporates helium balloons. And honestly speaking, helium balloon compliments the balloon decorations so well! And this makes me want to incorporate more helium balloons into my future works. And I’ll be proposing more helium + balloon decoration pieces in the future!

Ouji holding helium balloons

Entrance to the underwater theme balloon decoration

And this is the entrance to the restaurant! And when the guests enter the resturant, they will be greeted with my balloon decorations! And the responses from the guest are good! From what my client has told me. And I’m really happy about that as this is what motivates me to further improve and innovate my balloons.

Happy children playing helium balloons

And here’s some happy children that playing with my helium balloons! I liked helium balloons when I was a kid as well, but right now it’s more of a thing that I’ll buy and give to children as happiness.

Ouji with client

And this is the groom! And this decoration is actually for a wedding dinner. It must be romantic to eat with your loved one among the fishes.

Thanks for letting me decorate your venue and trusting me! I hope that I can continue to help all my clients decorate and deliver happiness and wonderful memories for all their guests and family for all their memorable days.

And here’s rest of the images. 😀

Balloon Octopus

Balloon clam with pearl

And lastly a video of the entire production! 😀

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