Elmo themed balloon backdrop decoration for my friend’s 21st birthday.

Elmo themed balloon decoration for a 21st birthday

DId this backdrop for my friend's 21st birthday!
DId this backdrop for my friend’s 21st birthday!

It was my best friend’s 21st birthday, and she had helped me a lot in the past in many aspect of my life. So I thought that I can do a balloon decoration for her! And a impressive one. 😀

So I was planning, and thinking what I should do for her, and I remembered her favourites are purple colour, elmos and anything that’s colourful. 😀 So I thought of this design! Where the balloons are shiny and attractive! And adding rainbow colours of the Elmo on the top of the backdrop. And of course, her name!

And the photo above is the end result of what I wanted to do for her! And I really hope that she likes it a lot! Have a blast! 😀