My Idol – Takehiro Kai

Today, instead of talking about myself, I would wish to talk about my idol in this balloon art industry, his name is Takehiro.

I don’t understand what he is saying on Facebook, or anything on his website, but what I see, he’s extremely talented, funny and most of all, generous.

He post all his techniques and balloon tutorials online for free, and I like to stress it more, FOR FREE.

And you can view it all here!




And what I really love about him is his large scale balloon decorations and balloon dresses that he makes, it really never fails to amaze me. All the patience, precision and techniques used to create his sculptures are really astounding. And just for this, I compiled 10 of his best large scale balloon decorations and dresses that I think should be seen by the whole world.

Starting from no.10



Look at how cute this balloon display is, it’s his own style of weaving and twisting, from what I know, he invested all these techniques by himself, the animal’s head, the columns of the Japanese entrance arch. He also used advance weaving techniques that require precise balloon bubble size or it’ll look very ugly. But even this is really very amazing, there’s more amazing artworks coming up!



Balloon Mickey mouse! And the scale of this artwork is extremely impressive, I can roughlyguess that it’s taller than me as well. Haha! And what really amaze me is the details and the proportion of everything, the ears, size of the head, the legs and pants. If one of these are not calculated before he does this sculpture, it’ll look like a fake Mickey mouse.



I don’t know if this is a cartoon character or a manga villain, all I know is that this sculpture is BADASS. Like really. Usually balloons are considered as “childish”, but this sculpture proves it wrong. With the right colour combination and techniques, a amazing piece of work such as this could be achieved. And as what I always believe, balloons can create anything.



This is no child’s play. I can roughly gauge, if it’s done all by himself, it’ll take roughly 1 whole day to finish this entire dress. No matter how fast you’re twisting. And I really love the vibe that this dress is giving off, mysterious and enticing.



My childhood cartoon hero! Doraemon! I’ve seen many versions of Doraemon on the internet, but this really beats all the sculptures out there, hands down. The technique used to create this is impressive itself. But the proportion and the details again are unparalleled. Really love how he pay attention to all the details as he create these sculptures.



Firstly this sculpture deserves the 5 place is in my opinion because it’s the nicest balloon bear I’ve even seen in my life. I like how it’s just a generic type of soft toy bear and he recreated it with balloons and it looks totally awesome. The head of the teddy is what I love the most, because it’s so high up, it must be really difficult to weave. A really large space must be required to complete this sculpture.



I really love this sculpture because of how all the different techniques complimented each other, the flat weave, cross weave and his own signature weave. And this is the most special type of balloon human head I’ve ever seen. Usually it’s just a round balloon, a simple sculpted head or a distortion technique head. But I’ve never imagined it could be done like this!

The colours of this sculptures is very attractive as well. What I suspect is that he used double stuffed balloons(or even triple) to create all these, or the colours will not be so filling and rich.



I seriously love the idea of this costume! it looks like he’s riding the dragon but actually his legs are in the dragon’s legs! And the amazing thing is that it’s all weaved, and he himself is the model. Very funny and cute! Love this sculpture. I might want to try out this technique one day. Haha!



When I first saw this backdrop, I was like “wow, how was this even possible” the combination of the balloon foils and the latex balloons is really fantastic, I really love this piece, and I never have a chance to try this out as Singaporeans only love animals, safari and cartoon characters. It’s hard to find someone that would let us try fantasy style of balloon decorations. But once again, this is really one of the most respected works of Takehiro.



The reason why this stands as number 1 on my list is because of it’s prsentation. How is this considered as a balloon? The rose is perfectly spiraled around towards the middle, the stand(or vase) of the rose perfectly contrasted with the rose and the gold and silver of the balloons looks so rich and beautiful. This is really a true form of Balloon Art in my eyes. But sadly it would not last for long. And only the same artist that created this display can create it all over again perfectly.


I hope you enjoyed this 10 sculptures that I’ve complied for your reading pleasure, and I also hope that I’ve expanded your knowledge for balloon art. If you wish to see more of his works, I’ve provided some links to his facebook. πŸ˜€

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Balloon arch with Golden alphabet foil balloon decorationHello everybody!

Recently I did this arch for a client who dotes on hher daughter so much. It’s her 21st birthday and she wanted something simple yet outstanding, so I recommended a simple balloon arch, but with gold balloon foils to allow the alphabets to stand out. πŸ˜€

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Special balloon columns for a client with a special request!

Hi everybody!

I just did a balloon columns for a client who has a slightly special request! Usually when clients hire my balloon decoration services, they would only hire in mind of just decorating the space or just a having a photobooth. But for my this client, they had a special idea in mind of using balloon decoration in their video production. Here’s the image below. πŸ˜€

The client have something unique in mind, she wanted to use the columns to cover the logo of the company, and the president of the company will burst the balloons revealing the logo of the company. πŸ˜€

I think it’s a really interesting concept using balloon decoration for their branding and grand opening of their company. I would always try to create concept for my clients, but I feel that this is really something that I’ve never think of. But sadly I do not have a video for their final video production.


Client, if you have any problems about your branding or road shows, and you need something eye catching, do always give me a call @ 9677 9426, and I will provide solutions with my balloon decorations. πŸ˜€

Thank you!

Balloon Olaf Sculpture!

Hello everybody! Since now everyone is crazy about Frozen, I decided to make a balloon sculpture of a character which I think is very cute!

Everything is made from balloons! Except for the eyes and brows. I drew them on!
Everything is made from balloons! Except for the eyes and brows. I drew them on!

Ah! I think I did a pretty good job at this balloon sculpture. Took me around 10 mins to finish one? Because I have to prepare all those small parts like the buttons, nose, teeth, hair and the eyes. Especially the body, as I have to tulip twist the balloon to create the shape. Phew!

But overall, I had fun trying out characters. As it requires more details and proportion to make it look right. So that’s why we only limit to only 10 kids for our Cartoon Twisting Package per hour, anymore than 10 per hour would take up to much time. Haha!

And we would want quality, that is why we do not give a sculpture that’s badly made and pass it off as a character. So we will make sure almost every detail is exactly the same as what is seen in the cartoon. πŸ˜€


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