Balloon Arch Decoration for a birthday party!


A  animal balloon arch made with balloon foil. Cute and simple!
A animal balloon arch made with balloon foil. Cute and simple!


Hello! How’s everybody! I hope you’re feeling fine!

Here’s a balloon decoration that I’ve did for a birthday party in a restaurant in Expo! 😀

The father selected a animal themed party for his son! So he hired me to created a balloon decoration that has animals and to do a customised balloon arch for the cake cutting table and photobooth! 😀


Recently I feel that foil balloons are extremely cute! In the past I always avoided using them because they burst easily or have micro-tear very easily. So we always have to risk, but after many years, I’ve realised that animal foil balloons are durable enough, and don’t usually have micro-tear compared to alphabet foils. So as for alphabet foils, I will still avoid them and only recommend my client the advance alphabets. 😀

For those who don’t know what the advance balloon alphabets look like, this is a example of a balloon decoration I’ve did before. 😀


My client wants a arch + backdrop photobooth with a garden rubber ducky theme
My client wants a arch + backdrop photobooth with a garden rubber ducky theme

The “KAYLEE” is a example of the advance balloon alphabets. It’s more time consuming, it requires around 10mins+ to complete one alphabets. but at least I don’t have to risk my client’s big day. Imagine this image, the alphabets I’ve used foils instead and it’s missing a letter “K”, how disastrous it will be for the party.

Haha, alright. I shall be heading to have breakfast now. Have a great day ahead!

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Balloon Table Centerpieces for all events!

Greetings everybody!

I’m here to update again! And today it about – Balloon table centerpiece!


What does it come to mind when we talk about table centerpieces?

I’m sure these come to mind right?


But do you know that you can also use BALLOONS as table centerpiece? Because balloons are so versatile and it can be twist and shaped into anything if the person’s skill is right, a table centerpiece will never be those commonly seen “flowers” or “lights” That’s right, we can do anything out of balloons and use it as a table centerpiece! 😀

My client wanted helium balloons for his tables. But there’s no more stock, instead, I proposed balloon sculpted table centerpieces!

And the theme was animals! So I created animals to go with his theme that he wanted. Ah, the beauty of balloons. It could be any theme, marine, safari, forest, elegant, princess. Anything! We can do anything as balloon decoration for your event!

The picture below are the centerpieces that I’ve done for the party! 😀


Alright! I shall update more soon! Have a great day!:D