A simple balloon decoration for a Expo booth!

Hello everybody! Just sharing a small project that I did for my client last week. It’s a exhibition booth balloon decoration!

Her company gave me a life giving, refreshing and garden kind of feel, so I designed this for her booth! But I didn’t know where’s so little tables and obstructions. If I knew earlier I could have added more designs for her. Because usually exhibitions are fully of tables with their products and stuff. So the space is wasted. Haha. But it’s alright, I hope the people will like it!

And that’s about it. I have a few proposals to rush, and balloon sculpting in the afternoon tomorrow. Goodnights! 😀

Customised Wedding Couple + Blue and White Spiral Columns Balloon Decoration!



Hello everybody! I’m here to update you guys more, as the previous post is a bit unclear as I just post all the photos and end off. 😀

Now I’m going to talk in detail about each decoration I did. 😀

Right now I’m going to talk about this wedding balloon columns that I did for my client, PJ! They wanted a a small wedding couple instead, but I persuaded them to take this pair of balloon wedding columns as decoration for their venue! And this photo below is where I place the two columns beside the solemnization area. The decoration serves as a very good photobooth as well! And they are easily moved around as well. 😀

A pair of wedding balloon couple balloon column decoration

A pair of wedding balloon couple balloon column decoration (3)

Here’s the female wedding balloon columns! My client prefers blue and white. 😀

A pair of wedding balloon couple balloon column decoration (2)


And this is the male version. And yes they do look good putting them next to each other. 😀

And I start to realise that I really do enjoy doing wedding balloon decorations as well, as it entertains and amaze the adults!(As usually I work with kids) yeah, so it’s quite a special experience to see the smiles on the adult’s faces.

Alright, I shall update more in a few more days time! Goodnight!