Plants VS Zombie Themed Party!

Hello! Have you played the recent craze? Plants VS Zombie 2? If no, head down to your App Store or Google Play and download it and try it out now!

Or maybe you can read finish this post first before going?

Before anything else, photos first!

This mummy is very sweet! She knows her children likes and wants Plants VS Zombie so she ordered 1 zombie and 2 plants from me! A Snow Pea Shooter and a Winter Melon Shooter! Super cute!

And also during the party, I brought some spare materials for a green pea shooter and I made a extra green pea shooter to fight with the other zombies with the kids during the party. HAHA!

And look at all these satisfied children holding on to their balloons. Looking at them makes me happy as well. 😀

And apart from making me happy, it’s also making me feel like playing Plants VS Zombies. HAHA!

I shall go and play now! Byebye!

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