Back to practising origami!

Hello everybody! Didn’t expect origami to be here as this is balloon website right? Haha. I’m actually a origami artist Balloon sculpting at a local residence as well. 😀


Practised some of the basics back again as it has been a few months since I’ve touched origami.


But soon I’ll be doing demonstration at a few of the Kinokuniya outlets. Maybe you might spot me? 😀


Alright. I shall continue to practise more. Goodnight!

Balloon sculpting at a private residence! :D

Greeting everybody! I hope everyone had a good sleep and is ready for a new day! But now, what I’m going to share with you is what I did a few days ago! Balloon sculpting!


Took a picture with this girl who is constantly taking balloons from me. But oh well, it’s what I’m good at anyways. Haha!


That me, and this good mummy who’s queuing for her daughter who wanted balloons. 😀


I’ll end off with this suave boy holding my machine gun sculpture. Haha!

Had a terrible time doing balloon sculpting at that point of time. Not because the kids were bad or anything, it’s because I didn’t have my filbert pump with me. 🙁

For those who don’t know what a Filbert pump is, it is one of my balloon sculpting equipment, it’s just a very huge pump. And without it, I just feel so slow and tired pumping those balloons with my hand pump or mouth.

But my parents came to my rescue and bought me my Filbert pump! 😀

And at the end of the day, everything ended well. 🙂