Quick Update!

Hello everyone!

Haha, all the happy kids. And that one with the blur face is so cute!
Haha, all the happy kids. And that one with the blur face is so cute!


Did a simple balloon sculpting for all the little kids. Since they are quite young, there’s not a need to do very advance sculptures. they wouldn’t understand anyways. And I can’t do big sculptures too. Since they are still little. It would be very inconvenient for them to carry as well. Haha!

Had lots of fun with these cute kids. And I’ve a lot of photos to update as well! Shall update more next time! Goodnights!

Balloon Fantasy Princess Castle Backdrop for a beautiful princess girl!

Hello everyone! Recently I’ve done a decoration at a local condominium and the theme is.. PRINCESS!


And I’ve been hired for balloon sculpting and balloon decoration and did a concept for the client. Here’s the image of the 3D modeling that I’ve done for my client.






And the client decided to go with this theme and I went to buy the materials for this backdrop!


And when it’s finally the day where I do this decoration, and I only had 2 and a half hour to finish, I really panicked and rushed everything. Because usually we would have 3 hours or more to be safe.

But I managed to finish everything within 2 hours. πŸ˜€


And do you wish to see the end results?





Here’s the result! I’m pretty satisfied with it, the castle’s height is perfect for a kid and there’s still a mini garden so that the kids could see the pretty flowers and butterfly!

Here’s some close ups!

Balloon Fantasy Princess Castle 3

Balloon Fantasy Princess Castle 1

Balloon Fantasy Princess Castle 2


And after the decoration was the balloon sculpting for the kids! πŸ˜€

It was a cartoon twisting, so I did many cartoon characters! But it was rather rushed, so I only manage to take two photos. 😦


Balloon Sculpting - Fairy

Balloon Sculpting - ice cream


And after everything. I process to tear down the castle and left the place with amazing memories. πŸ˜€



If you like the castle and you want it at your event/party? Or do you want this castle but you wish to further customise it’s colours or do you wish to add more things to it? No problem!

This castle is only $350Β and it includes all setting up, manpower and materials. Call today for a free consultation! πŸ˜€

Another day at Krazy Burgers!





Another day at MBS Krazy Burgers, and another day of crazy balloon sculpting!

There weren’t many customers, and it could be good or bad. Bad thing is that I can’t do many sculptures. But the good thing is that I could do more elaborate sculptures!

But no matter how elaborate, people would not want large sculptures, so I’m still limited to some sculptures. Also not to mention, minions are still the popular ones!

Can’t wait for my next balloon sculpting at Krazy Burgers!


Tried doing a very advance balloon minion from Despicable Me!


Hello everyone!

As most of you, or maybe none of you know, I’m quite a fan of Minions! I really like how cute their are and I’ve done quite a few balloon minions in the past using simpler methods.

So I’ve decided to weave a balloon minion. Tadah!

The photo above is the minion that I’ve made. Nice? Do tell me in the comment section! Any feedbacks will be greatly appreciated!Β 
And to show that I really love Minions, I also did a 3D heart and put it beside the minion that I’ve made.

And also not to waste this sculpture, I’ve gave it to the next birthday party that I went to. πŸ˜€

What I really wish to do now is to do a Minion mascot, put it on and run around Orchard Road. πŸ˜€

When I finally do it. I will take a video of it and show it to everyone!Β 

Alright! Shall end of with a happy boy made out of balloons.